Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Arrgh What am I supposed to DO!!!!!!

This seems to be a familiar refrain coming from many of you out there. Please read this.

I am very impressed with your ablility to figure out blogging. Some of you are confused about what you are supposed to do.

When you enter your blog space create a post that answers any questions that are being asked. I will post one every week. If you are the class scribe you need to tell the class what happened in class that day
-what concepts were being taught
-give examples to help explain what was going on.
-find links to sites that are helpful to your math understanding.

You can read your classes blogs and leave comments so that they can get help from you.

Remember this is a public space and an extention of the classroom. Act and write appropriately.

Here is a new riddle puzzle. I hear it is harder that the last game I left you.
Try Me I am the Python Challenge.

Have fun

Mr. H

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