Friday, June 23, 2006

Its the End of the Year and You Know It (REM)

As a final post for the season I feel it necessary for all the wonderful visiors from around the world to leave a reflection on a year in blogging and using web 2.0 tools.

Please visit any of the sites and leave comments behind for the students. They do look back periodically and would appreciate any feedback.

I had a home Hub for the students to get information from and 4 rooms of 36 students blogging on their own class sites.

Class blog for 816

Class blog for 817

Class blog for 841

Class Blog for 873

Well it is the end of another school year and a time for reflection and contemplation. The students did well this year and I think the blogging helped. They were active scribe posters for the first part of the year learning how to use the class blog to their advantage.

My best scribers can be found at The Scribe Post Hall of Fame. They are comprable to the work that Darren does at any of his class sites.

They were equally enthusiastic about doing Growing Posts. This took the ideas of a scribe post and made the students participate over a longer period.

I was amazed at the effort and work the students put into their posts. Some included animated gifs and one student started here and finished here.

As the posts progressed I wanted the students to interact with other students Growing Posts. They ended up doing word problems and leaving links back to their favorite student Growing Posts.

The Growing Post is an idea I'll reinvent over the summer and into next year.

Where to Next??

I want to start tagging my blog posts. This is a common practice by The Cool Cat Teacher and Clarence Fisher up in Northern Manitoba on Remote Access.

I have only dabbled in wiki's but see their potential. I am going to start one at the beginning of the year and create an online studyguide and textbook for students. It will combine all the wonderful aspects of scribing and growing posts but be more open to student change and voice.

It is one thing to get the great students to blog and use wiki's almost a form of enrichment for some. Where I stuggled this year was to get the stuggling learner, the student who feels they don't belong into the blogging spirit. This wil be a goal of mine. Go from 50 % online participation to 75%.

Darren uses delicious and social bookmarking well. I introduced it to my students but they did not understand what they were expected to do and it sort of fell apart. I'll do a better job next year.

The Grade 7's had a teacher who also blogged with them last year. It will be easier to get started this year because most of the students understand what they are doing. Since the basics are already known how will we go next year.

The Grade Nines will not have class blogs to my knowledge (unless I can make the horse drink the water after I lead it there!) but will leave the class sites up this year so that they can post, scribe and communicate with each other. There are some awesome students who might be like Darren's and start up a blog site themselves. It will be an interesting time.

Have a great summer and I will blog again soon.

I was using Flock for this whole process. It is an excellent tool to use. If it is not your browser yet you might want to change over!!!!!!

Have a great summer.

I'll be in touch!!


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At 4:12 PM, Blogger Vicki A. Davis said...

THis is an excellent post, I wrote about your practices and added some thoughts. I'm excited that you will be using wikis more this year. I use them for all of my students. They are great tools and everyone can do it!

Wow! You are doing a great job!

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